Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit? Bankruptcy? No problem. Credit-Approved works with all credit histories.

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How It Works

As soon as you submit your secure 5 minute pre-approval, you'll be contacted by a local lender who will help you find a loan that fits your budget. Wether you have missed payments, repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, collections issues, charge offs, and more - Credit-Approved is here to help. We also are able to finance you regardless of your bad credit: low credit, subprime credit, no credit, bad credit, and good credit! Not all lenders are as understanding as we are, and our mission is finding you a vehicle for you and your family.

Bad Credit or Poor Credit?

Credit-Approved can help you secure a great car loan, rebuild your credit score, AND get a great car! Credit bureaus like to see auto loans and it shows confidence and reliability.


Even those with past bankruptcies can get auto loans! A past bankruptcy doesn't mean you can't buy a car! Requesting a car loan through Credit-Approved can help rebuild your credit score and demonstrate commitment to future lenders.

No Credit

Credit-Approved can help you begin a new good credit journey with every on time payment! Get Pre-Approved now to find out more!